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Anger and Rage

Anger makes us feel strong and powerful; it keeps us safe from harm.  Anger is necessary for our survival.  Our central nervous system is designed like an alarm system, wired to detect threat.  Once that alarm is triggered, it can be difficult to turn off.  

Like alcohol, anger can be intoxicating.  When adrenaline is rushing through our bodies, we are flooded with all kinds of self-protective instincts.  The desire to fight is blinding.  Our ability to think rationally goes offline as our body prepares for action.  In these moments, we are usually convinced that we are right and justified in our desire to hurt another person, just like a drunk believes that he is safe to get behind the wheel of a car and drive home.  

Anger can be dangerous to our relationships.  It's difficult to respond with compassion or to think things through logically when everything in your body is telling you to fight.  Anger is a reptilian response wired into the base of the brain through the amygdala.  Before there was the ability to think, before there was the abililty to love, there was anger and rage.  Except in cases of physical danger, anger is a secondary emotion.  Anger hides our vulnerability.

If you are losing the struggle to control your temper at home or at the office, I would like to help.  Together, we will set about the task of harnessing this powerful emotion so that you are in control of the anger ... and it is not in control of you.